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Mission and Philosophy


Brophy Football Mission
We in the Brophy Football Family commit ourselves to excellence in everything we do. We commit to the whole before ourselves.    Brophy Football intends to create an atmosphere where love of work, the game, and the group as a whole is not only fostered but demanded. This framework extends from the field, to the weight room, the classroom, the place of worship, and to all that we do in our everyday lives.
Philosophy of BCP Football
1.  Team With Class- Your Actions speak Louder than words; when representing BCP always act in a manner that will reflect well on your family and BCP.
2.  Team that Never Quits- we play every game, every play with unyielding resolve and determination.
3.  Team that is aggressive: willing to take chances, not afraid of failure. Hustle, Run, Work, Play, Never Quit.
4.  Team not afraid to lose: play with confidence- Don’t worry about possible mistakes assume good things will happen.
5.  Team that is efficient: Execution, no mental mistakes, no stupid penalties, no big plays on defense.
6.  Smart Team: players are aware of situations on the field. I.e. D & D, field pos., clock management, exhibit knowledge of rules
7.  Team with Discipline: Team dresses as a team, no individual differences in dress. No stupid penalties, flagrant penalties, criticizing, bickering or complaining to officials.
8.  Team with poise: Team that possesses a “controlled rage”
9.  Team with good relationships- Band of Brothers mentality. 
10.Team 1st-me 2nd
Brophy College Preparatory
Being a Brophy College Preparatory football player does not mean just wearing a uniform and being a member of a team. There are many things you need to think about if you want to be a winner in football or, for that fact, in LIFE.  
Therefore, I want you to ask yourself the following questions and consider the qualities of character they suggest.
  1. Are you coachable? Can you take criticism without whining or making an excuse? Will you try to use criticism to improve?
  1. Do you have an intense desire to win? Do you hate to lose? Will you do what ever it takes to win?
  1. Are you willing to work hard in practice? Games are won in practice and you must be willing to practice as hard as you play the game.
  1. Are you willing to make sacrifices during the off season and summer?
  1. Do you have a strong desire to improve? Hard work in the off season can pay great dividends later.
  1. Are you loyal to your school, your teammates, your coaches?
  1. Can you put team goals first? Can you encourage rather than criticize teammates?