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Setting up iPlayers.net




Players and parents,


There is a lot of interest from college coaches and recruiters in Brophy football.  Coach Molander has asked that we work on creating a mechanism on the website, for players who wish to create highlights and have them uploaded for public view, linking individual player highlights to the Roster and their Player Profile.   I have been in contact with Michael Husted, the owner of www.iplayers.net .  I believe it is the most accessible and economic way possible to accomplish this goal.   Unfortunately, the streaming technology is relatively expensive and cannot be done for the whole team.   Our goal is to get as many players, who think they are qualified to play football at the next level, on the iPlayers.net platform and linked to the roster.   Of course, this is optional!


There is a confidential financial assistance program available for those qualified players who Coach Molander believes could benefit from this program, but may not otherwise be able to afford it.   Please see Coach Molander, privately, to get his feedback if this situation applies to you.


A.  Learn more about iPlayers.net.  Click Here to download a PDF.


B. Start the process.  Here’s how you make it work:

1)       Download a copy of your game DVD or video camcorder file into a video editing program.  You can buy Sony Vegas and download it to your computer for about $79.99.  Here is a link: https://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/shopping/item.asp?PID=446&cid=109&disp=1

2)       Sign up and create an account for iPlayers.net

3)       Create a folder on your desk top entitled iPlayers’ Video

4)       For each play, mark in at the beginning of the play and then mark out at the end

5)       Save that play as a separate file using the .mpg file extension and give it a “name”.

6)       Upload the file to iPlayers.net, indicating the title of the file, e.g. “Sack” “Pancake Block” “Interception” “touchdown”

7)       Get the unique URL of your Player Profile on iPlayers.net

8)       Send an email to Larry.Tree@hotmail.com with a link to the unique URL for the iPlayers.net Player Profile

9)       I will link the iPlayers.net profile to your name on the roster. The link will say “Highlights”


One small detail, I have asked Michael Husted at iPlayers.net to create a red background for his site.  I understand this is rather difficult and, if possible, will be done but, it may take some time.  Clearly, our cross town rival's colors don’t work too well! 


Please contact me anytime if you have any questions.


Larry Tree

BrophyFootball.org Website Coordinator


Go Broncos!