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Tom Kohrs
Head Coach - Junior Varsity

The Kohrs File:

Birthday: September 3, 1966

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

High School:  Brophy College Preparatory, '85

College: Phoenix College and Arizona State University

Family: The entire Brophy community!

Coaching History:

This is Coach Kohrs sixth year as a football coach with Brophy.   Last year he was Head Coach of the JV with an undefeated season.  The previous year he was instrumental as linebacker coach during that Junior Varsity's undefeated season and he's been instrumental in many winning seasons prior. 

Accomplishments as a player: 

Coach Kohrs was an accomplished player at linebacker for Phoenix College.  He also played linebacker at ASU.

Coach Kohrs is a true Brophy "Man for Others" and, as a Phoenix Fire Fighter, gives back to his community in many ways! Coach Kohrs is sure to continue the winning tradition and we are delighted to have him serve again as Head Coach for the Brophy Junior Varsity Team for the 2008 season.