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Bob Kohrs
Brophy Sports Hall of Fame

Bob Kohrs '76 - Football

Bob was the first Bronco football player to be drafted by the NFL. Playing linebacker and defensive end for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1980-1986, Bob's teammates included Lynn Swann, Franco Harris and Terry Bradshaw. While a Bronco, Bob was defensive end and a kicker, and he never thought about playing professionally. In fact, his greatest Brophy football moment came as a kicker in what was billed as "The Game of the Year" on September 12, 1975. Central High School was in those days Brophy's arch rival and was ranked first or second in the state. Brophy, however, beat the Bobcats because of a 45-yard field goal that Bob kicked with 1:18 remaining. The final score in the "battle of the canal" was Brophy-9 & Central-7. Bob went on to an illustrious career at ASU and was picked seventh in the second round by the Steelers.

Editor's comment: The Kohrs brothers "keep it in the family."  Tom Kohrs '85 carries on the Brophy "Men for Others" tradition as the 2007 Brophy Football Junior Varsity Head Coach.